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About KBRI

What is the final secret of humanity, the brain?

KBRI will lead Korea to a global powerhouse in research on the brain.World-class brain convergence research institute (preparation to Improve welfare for humanity and create future industries for the aged society)

Brain science, Brain pharmacology, Brain engineering, Brain cognition

Openness (Concentration on capacities of study, research, industry and domestic hospitals, provide networking for overseas research institutes),Independency (Open innovative management practices and an advanced administrative system; innovative incentives),Ease (Realize global research achievements, develop knowledge-creating convergence technologies)

Purpose(Improve the quality of life of people and enhance national competitiveness through the development of platform technologies for brain convergence, Concentrate domestic capacities on brain research, which at present is being sporadically pursued by different sectors, and establish research environment suitable for convergence research by taking into consideration multi-academic research features.)

Facilities Management & Information System Team
Lee Hyung-Rae